Becoming or Adding Admins

There are a couple of ways of becoming an admin for a CoBox replicator device. I'll run through the two methods here.

1. Over the Local Area Network

This requires you to be in the same physical location as the CoBox device itself, and having some kind of contact with the device's existing administrator.

You'll need to ask the existing device administrator to switch on the device's local broadcast. For them to do so, they'll simply need to hit the Announce button.

Once they've done that, you can simply follow the same steps in the setup a device instructions.

Once you've finished setting up the device, we strongly recommend you disable the broadcast. You can do so simply by hitting the Hide button. This means the device's authentication details are no longer openly visible on the network.

2. Using an Invite Code

This requires a two-step invite stage. You'll need to copy your public_key and send it to the existing device administrator. You can access your public_key either from your profile page - accessible if you click your name - or from the join a device page.

Once you've received an invite code, navigate to the join a device page, and paste in the code. If all went well and the invite code has not been tampered with, you are now a device administrator. Congratulations!